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Farmers Market Finds

Ya’ll… if you haven’t checked out your local farmers market GO DO IT!

Seriously though, I found some really awesome stuff and met some very cool people. Even though I was hungover from the square the night before kinda groggy yesterday morning I dragged my butt (and my roommates) out of bed to check out the local green scene! There was everything from fresh fruit and vegetables, to jewelry and even this adorable little booth with all dog stuff (including samples that bubba very much appreciated).


I found these adorable succulents in coffee cups and pots- cool thing about succulents is you only have to spray them with water once a week- thats my kind of plant. Plus they’re super cute on your windowsill. Another booth had unique handmade jewelry that really caught my eye. The artist behind the creative crystal jewelry told me she’s actually in the process of creating a website! Her instagram is @DaughterOfTheWildCreations if you wanna check out more of her designs.

Fresh Greens! nom nom nom
Fresh Greens! nom nom nom

I’m definitely going to start going every saturday to get fresh produce! There were a ton of stands and I actually bought my first spaghetti squash which I’m going to try and make vegan pasta with.

I put pics of a few more of my finds below!

If you get a chance check out your local farmers market, even if you don’t buy anything it’s just a fun morning outing with your fur baby and a cup of coffee!




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