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Pilgrim Heights Trail

Todays trek: Pilgrim Heights Trail

We went up the National Sea Shore coast today and it was absolutely breathtaking. Huge sand dunes, white picket fences, classic northeastern marsh and an maxing sunset.

Pilgrim heights trail is a 2 mile trail through forest and marsh that leads out to amazing dunes and views of the very tip of the cape: Province Town. It’s called pilgrim trail because it’s actually the first place the Mayflower landed, before they decided to move closer to mainland.

Now, province town is known as one of the most beautiful places in the northeast, but it’s also known for its liberal art and large gay community. The night life here is INSANE if you come during the summer, I have quite a few stories with my cousins up here. But during the winter it’s a little more closed down since most of the places are seasonal.

Let me tell you this hike kicked my freaking butt! Climbing up hills of sand is quite the workout, so be prepared to sweat if you hike through the dunes! But it is so worth it for the amazing views.


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