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Dallas to Boston

Currently I am sitting on a plane waiting to push back and take the 4 hour flight up to Boston! So excited because Boston has always been one of my favorite cities, ever since I toured BU in high school. Lots of fun things planned for the week! Lighthouse tours, Martha’s Vineyard, Spa Days and most importantly family time! (Holla Grandma)

Just a little background on me: I was born in Dallas but my whole family lives up in Cape Cod, Massachusettes. Far away, I know. But we go up every summer for months at a time to enjoy the beautiful beaches and 60 degree weather! My family bought an old fixer upper (actually my great grandmothers house) and are renovating it as our summer house! Which the interior designer in me is extremely excited for (can you say, huge project?) BUT this is the first time I’ve ever been to the cape for the winter! 

Laptop? Check. Journal? Check. Caffeine? Check. All ready for this flight and planning some great material for Everything Emily. Wish me luck! 


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